Chun Hoe Pte Ltd is your trusted partner of building materials, construction, hardware, civil engineering, and fencing products provider in Malaysia. We believe in helping our customers to create value by providing better and faster solutions where they can save time, labor, and money.
Incorporated in 1993 and after two decades, Chun Hoe Group has grown and expanded in terms of our business and production size. We manufacture, export, and trade building materials, hardware, and steel wire products.
Chun Hoe group is now one of the leading supplier in Malaysia and is expanding our coverage in ASEAN and international markets. We have more than 20 years of experience and technical knowledge that is applied into our manufacturing activities.
Our top priority is on prompt delivery and quality control, where we heavily emphasize on the quality, durability, and usability of our products.
The Singapore Green Plan
has been a whole national movement to advance Singapore's sustainable development while the environmental problem has been integrated into the daily life of people.
  • We hereby call on everyone to work together to provide a better environment for the world.
  • The steel industry is one of the main sources of smog formation, however, our company has been gradually transformed and moved towards the strategy of GREEN Building Material.
  • For the company's production site, we installed solar energy which greatly reduced the dependency on the country's electricity supply.
  • Solar energy is currently the 'cleanest' new energy source to reduce the impact of global climate for up to 25 years.
  • The machines we use are the ones with the least noise and air pollution to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for the production staff.
  • We prioritize sourcing products from Green Building Material suppliers to ensure a thorough green supply chain.
  • As compared with traditional reinforced concrete, Green Steel Mesh saves more on energy and raw materials and the construction speed is way faster. Because of its low cost, lightweight, high strength, attribute of strong earthquake resistance and recyclable, it is suitable for wide use in factory buildings and others. At the same time, with the unique advantage of recycling, Green Steel Mesh may reduce the cost of the entire project.
  • The so-called GREEN Building Material mainly saves resources to a greater extent during the entire building life. It protects the environment and reduces pollution, and most importantly, it provides healthy and efficient living space for the nation.

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